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Engineering Education: Power Systems Webinar Series

Learn about energy policy, future delivery, and best practices from our subject matter experts. Register to gain access to all three webinars.

US Energy Policy: Trends and Results

Presenter: Mike Ahern, Director of Power Systems, WPI

The U.S. experienced an oil embargo in 1973 and an oil price shock in 1979. These two events ended an era of cheap energy and convinced policy makers to promote conservation, efficiency and renewable electric generation. Since then, climate change concerns have added to the policy focus in these areas.

This webinar reviews U.S. Energy Policies over the last 40 years. Mike Ahern will describe the use of energy and the progress the U.S. has made in conservation, efficiency and renewable electric generation. He'll also describe current trends and identify improvement opportunities.  

HVDC and FACTS Devices: Future of Power Systems

Presenter: Dr. Edvina Uzunovic, Associate Director of Power Systems and Adjunct Professor, WPI

HVDC (high-voltage direct current) is a highly efficient alternative for transmitting large amounts of electricity over long distances and for special purpose applications. It is foreseen that HVDC technology shall be a key enabler in the future energy system to link offshore wind with the rest of the system. 

FACTS is defined as "a power electronic based system that provide control of one or more AC transmission system parameters to enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability”. New generation FACTS devices include devices such as STATCOM are used throughout the power systems to dynamically control voltage magnitude, while series installed FACTS devices are capable of real power control

This webinar will explain and explore how HVDC and FACTS are the future of power systems. 

Energy Management Best Practices and Career Opportunities

Presenter: Will O’Brien, Consultant, WPI Center for Sustainability in Business

This webinar covers a broad spectrum of energy management topics important to managers and future leaders, including: energy management strategies for business, energy efficiency practices, and the international standard for Energy Management Systems (ISO50001), as well as high performance buildings. Special focus will be on energy management for financial and environmental sustainability impact from the perspective of CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CSOs. In addition, Will O'Brien will discuss Energy Management career opportunities plus the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification.