Thank you for your interest in CableTech! This course suite is designed to provide easy access to advanced education on key aspects of the cable industry. There are currently 2 courses ready for enrollment, with more to come in the near future. 

These self-paced, online courses are taught by industry experts and allow you to learn what you need to advance your skills for less, and on your schedule.

By participating in these online programs, you will:

  • Build your technical knowledge about cables & cable design for all voltage classes
  • Increase your expertise in cables and participate more deeply in technical discussions
  • Gain Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and attain certification in cables

 Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the history of cable development and the standards that govern today’s cable industry
  • Understand basic cable components and their functions
  • Gain detailed knowledge about cable design and construction for all voltage levels
  • Learn how to evaluate the benefits of various alternative designs
  • Understand cable accessories and how they are designed


  • Cable Tech 101: Cable Overview - Focuses on the fundamentals of cable systems including component functions and design criteria 
  • Cable Tech 102:  Low Voltage Cables - Includes a history of LV cables, specifications and listings and methods of manufacturing
  • Cable Tech 103:  Medium Voltage Cables - A brief history as well as cable theory; electrical properties of insulating materials and components of MV cables
  • Cable Tech 105:  Medium Voltage Cable Accessories - Historical perspective as well as details on terminations, joints and modular components
  • Cable Tech 107:  High Voltage/Extra High Voltage Cables - North American and international standards, HVAC, HVDC, vertical towers as well as specification and qualification

Registration: Ongoing
Delivery: Self-paced, online courses
Price per course:  $495.00

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  • Cable Tech 104:  Medium Voltage Cable Manufacture - Process flow and equipment used. Details on cable testing and qualification.
  • Cable Tech 106:  Medium Voltage Cable Economics, System Design, Installation and Operation - Energy efficiency, lifecycle analysis, cable ampacity ratings, surge protection, fault location, etc.
  • Cable Tech 108:  Cable Diagnostics - Cable asset management, testing methods and applicable standards
  • Cable Tech 109:  Special Cable Applications -Submarine design and installation, wind and solar collection systems, superconductors
  • Cable Tech 110:  Cable Materials Chemistry - Polyethylene, silicones and elastomers and their benefits to the industry

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