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Group Rate for Cable Tech 101: Cable Overview


WPI and Dow's online courses in cables are designed to build technical knowledge and create expertise in cables and cable designUpskill your workforce and put them on the path to earning Professional Development Hours (PDH) by registering a group for Cable Tech 101. 

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Learn more about Cable Tech 101: Cable Overview


Cable Tech 101 focuses on the fundamentals of cable systems, including component functions and design criteria. The course is self-paced and online, so all registrants will be able to participate and complete the course on their own schedule, earning 4 PDHs upon completion. It is also a pre-requisite for all other courses in the Cable Tech course suite.


  • History of cables
  • Cable basics and fundamentals
  • Electrical and mechanical properties of cables
  • Components of a UG cable system and available materials
  • Material development process—how materials have changed and their respective performance improvements
  • Design criteria/user specifications
  • Cable standards development
  • Cable and materials qualification/approval testing

Instructor: S. “Ram” Ramachandran

Mr. Ramachandran is a retired Global Marketing Director at Dow Chemical Company, having led the Wire and Cable Group’s interface with electric utility principals across the globe. He spent the last half of his 40 - year career engaging the electric utility industry in promoting the awareness and importance of performance enhanced materials for underground low, medium and high voltage cables.
During his tenure, Ram and his dedicated group was extensively involved in dialog with electric utility engineers across the utility industry. In North America, be it IOUs, Cooperatives or Munis, the focus was in understanding the key challenges for the utilities in delivering 24/7 power to their customers at optimum costs. This helped Dow to maintain its market leading position in offering technologically advanced underground cable material components, ensuring long life cables.
Prior to his marketing assignments, Ram had broad experience in product and process development in wire and cable, specialty gas technology and metals and materials. He has a Masters in Materials Engineering from Columbia University, New York and an MBA from SUNY.
Ram is a Senior Member of IEEE and has been a member of CIGRE and CIRED.
Ram has been active in Insulated Conductors Committee of IEEE, having chaired their Power Cable Standards Group for eight years.  He also led an ICC industry task force of eight members made up of utility engineers, cable and accessory manufacturers, materials suppliers and test agencies.
Ram has several patents and papers to his credit.  Many of his papers and presentations are on power cable materials.