On-Site Custom Corporate Training: Six Sigma Process Improvement

Best practice companies use a system of defined metrics in manufacturing, service, and financial processes to ensure efficiency. This quality initiative - Six Sigma Process Improvement (SSPI) - is supported and driven by top leaders in today's successful organizations. WPI's SSPI Certificate provides the structure and expertise that will lead your organization to improved productivity and profitability, and can help you make the cultural changes necessary for success.

Your organization can achieve consistency and Six Sigma quality in every product, process, and transaction.

The SSPI program is designed to be delivered at your corporate site with participation by cross-functional teams from your organization. Direct benefits to your bottom line are realized because our faculty incorporates your own organization's processes, products, and data. A special feature of this program is a team project assigned by senior management.

Program Structure

Ten days of company-focused, continuous improvement training, divided into four distinct learning levels to allow participants time to absorb and apply the techniques learned. Entire program can be completed in as little as 16-18 weeks.

The Foundation Level (Executive Summary): A three-to four-hour executive overview custom designed for your senior management team - the drivers and supporters of your company-wide SSPI initiative.

The Learner Level: Four days of training in the basic tools and techniques of process improvement and team process training with strong emphasis on understanding and satisfying your customers' needs. The Learner Level also features strategies for achieving a healthy environment for work, learning, and continuous improvement.

The Practitioner Level: Two days of training that focuses on the technical aspects of SSPI including Statistical Process Control (SPC). You will learn how to use these practical tools and techniques effectively and begin to function as your company's "internal resources," serving as trainers, team facilitators, and/or process improvement specialists.

The Academy Level: Four intensive days of customized training in Design of Experiments (DOE) and Advanced Problem Solving for technical professionals and process improvement specialists chosen by your organization to master these critical skill sets for reducing process variability.

  • Day 1:   Foundation of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Day 2:   Define Stage and Process of Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Day 3:   Problem Solving with Lean Six Sigma
  • Day 4:   Measuring and Data with Lean Six Sigma
  • Day 5:   Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Day 6:   Analyze Stage and Hypothesis Testing Using Lean Six Sigma
  • Day 7:   Design of Experiments
  • Day 8:   Solution Implementation with Lean Six Sigma

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