On-Site Custom Corporate Training: Design for Six Sigma

Achieve greater customer satisfaction and increased market share by applying the principles of Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) to your product and service development efforts. This customer focused, business-to-market methodology can be used anywhere a new product or service is to be introduced or re-introduced.


Design for Six Sigma is focused on process generation, rather than traditional Six Sigma process improvement. Its objective is to determine customer needs and business drivers, and incorporate them into the solution created.


Participants should be familiar with Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments as well as general project management tools and techniques. The Institute is comprised of the following non-sequential workshops, one for each phase of the DFSS process:

  • Workshop #1 - Define: Where the basic product gaps are defined from a marketing and business strategy perspective. This session also includes DFSS Principles.

  • Workshop #2 - Measure: Where specific product performance targets are set based upon measuring the customer's planned use of the product. This session also covers the Voice of the Customer.

  • Workshop #3 - Analyze: Where concepts, both product and business operations, are evaluated to determine the approach for development.

  • Workshop #4 - Design: Where product and business operations processes are designed in detail. DFX techniques are covered in this session.

  • Workshop #5 - Verify/Validate: Where the product and processes undergo verification and validation with both the customer and appropriate regulatory bodies. The result of this phase is a baseline of both product and processes that can be introduced into the market and can be statistically controlled. Certification and Product Launch are covered in this session.

A case study, unique to your organization, allows participants to practice the techniques that are appropriate for each of the five phases. Homework assignments are given at the end of each workshop, and teams report their findings at the beginning of each subsequent program.

As an added convenience, WPI can deliver this certificate program at your corporate site and customize the content for maximum relevance for your business. Please fill out the form for more information.

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