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Avoiding Costly Losses Due to Fire:
Who’s Engineering the Solutions? What Are Their Qualifications?

By Milosh Puchovsky PE, FSFPE


This paper serves two purposes:

  1. It provides an introduction on how decision makers can help their organizations avoid costly losses due to fire and explosions, while addressing certain misconceptions about good fire safety practices.
  2. It introduces the profession of fire protection engineering and the important roles these specially educated and trained engineers take on.

The paper is designed to educate readers on how they can put their organizations in more advantageous positions with respect to fire and explosion threats that put people, property, business continuity, the environment, and our cultural heritage at risk.

What's Inside

  • Decisions & Misconceptions about Fire Safety
  • Gauging the Impact of Fire
  • Making Sense of Fire-Related Regulations
  • Recognizing Ever-Changing Challenges
  • Who’s Influencing the Decision Making?
  • Core Educational Criteria and Credentials for FPE's

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