On Demand Webinar Series: Quality & Reliability for Biomanufacturing Success

In this webinar series, leading industry experts dive into two important topics for biomanufacturing professionals: 

  • Quality by Design
  • Reliability Engineering

Quality and reliability are important to many industries. However, in biomanufacturing, they are particularly critical for delivering consistency in production when the stakes are high. In these two webinars, you will get a high-level overview of the benefits of implementing best practices into processes and controls in the lab. 

Webinar Details

  • Quality by Design in Biomanufacturing
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  • Presented by Naveen Pathek, Head, QbD Systems, Takeda (formerly Shire)

Naveen Pathak is Director of Process Development at Takeda (formerly Shire). He currently leads a team that owns deployment of QbD and Process Validation. Prior to joining Takeda (formerly Shire), Naveen has worked at leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, including Genzyme, Amgen, DSM, and Novartis in Process Development and Manufacturing Science functions.  Naveen is a seasoned biopharmaceutical industry professional with 20+ years of experience in process development and technical support spanning non-clinical, clinical, and commercial manufacturing. He has a Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Oklahoma and graduate certificate in Quality and Regulatory Affairs from Temple University. Naveen is actively engaged in teaching QbD related courses at graduate schools in the US. Naveen also teaches a Quality-by-Design course for the BETC. 

  • Reliability Engineering in Biomanufacturing
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  • Presented by Michael Andrews, EIT, CRL, MLT, Senior Reliability Engineer, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Michael K. Andrews, Sr. Reliability Engineer with Bristol-Myers Squibb, has spent over a decade in manufacturing technology in various industries with a concentration in Biologics Manufacturing. He had over seven years of experience applying reliability engineering tools and best practices resulting in reduced downtime and lower business risk. He is also the 2016 winner of Reliability Leader of The Year, 2016 finalist for Emerson’s award for Best Overall Reliability Program of the Year, 2015 team winner of Uptime Elements Best Overall Maintenance and Reliability Program. Michael is active in the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and a member of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s global Reliability Excellence team.          

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