Vaccines: From Concept to Immunization
On-Demand Webinar

With over 17 million* confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, there is a renewed focus on vaccine development for disease prevention and mitigation.

Join us as we spotlight this hot topic in a free webinar designed to educate everyone from the citizen scientist and casual student to those working in life sciences and healthcare.

Masha Fridkis-Hareli, WPI adjunct professor and 20+ year industry expert, provides a high-level overview of the vaccine development process and offer insight into the variables considered during production.

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Did you know? WPI is launching a technical short course this fall, Vaccines: From Concept to Immunization. Learn more about this 4-week course

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Intro to Basic Immunology 
  • Types of Vaccines 
  • How Vaccinations Work 
  • Why Vaccines Fail
  • Vaccine Development Process 
  • Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Vaccine Clinical Trials
  • Vaccine Regulation (FDA)
  • Globalization, Outsourcing Concerns, International Cooperation
    • PPE Equipment (China)
    • Diagnostic Testing (WHO, CDC, Public vs. Private Labs & Universities)
    • Vaccine Manufacturing (India)

Masha Fridkis-Hareli is a successful immunologist, consultant and inventor with extensive expertise in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and particular emphasis on cellular and protein-based assays, in vitro pharmacology and preclinical immunotoxicology.  Marsha contributed to the discovery and development of Taligen’s drug pipeline leading to acquisition by Alexion Pharmaceuticals and designed and developed a group of novel compounds for treatment of autoimmune diseases: drug candidate PI-2301 is being tested in Phase II clinical trials for multiple sclerosis. 

*This webinar was originally conducted in June, 2020

For questions, please contact: 

Catherine Bouthillier
Senior Manager, Healthcare Corporate Partnerships, WPI


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