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Demand is soaring for systems engineers, as organizations across many industries are recognizing that complex engineering initiatives must be holistically designed and managed. From developing and directing logistics, schedules, risks, and opportunities, to leading teams and coordinating operations, systems engineers bring clarity and structure to these processes.

WPI’s online MS in Systems Engineering programs draw on our strengths in engineering, business, and management to prepare leaders who can integrate the technical and human-centered processes of this multifaceted discipline.

Our part-time programs will give you the knowledge, skills, and decision-making abilities to design, manage, and lead complex projects. 

WPI currently offers the following programs to online students around the world:

  • MS in Systems Engineering Online
  • MS in Systems Engineering Leadership Online
  • Systems Engineering Online Graduate Certificate

[New!] INCOSE Certification benefit with WPI's newly redesigned online SYS 501. Concepts of Systems Engineering graduate course.

To learn more about any of these programs, fill out the form, and we will be in contact soon. Thank you for your interest!

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