Professional Development and Graduate Education Partnerships

WPI partners with organizations to provide professional development and graduate education opportunities.  


Digital Game Design: Getting Started with Perlenspiel

The Digital Game Design: Getting Started with Perlenspiel program introduces students to digital game development through courses taught by Brian Moriarty, Professor of Practice at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and author of several award-winning game titles. This hands-on program focuses on the development and functional expression of game ideas using Perlenspiel, an abstract microgame engine programmed in JavaScript. Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate familiarity with the techniques needed to create, implement and iteratively refine digital game designs in working code.

This program is divided into three units:

  • Introduction: Elements of Microgame Design,
  • Exploration: A Closer Look at the Microgame API 
  • Synthesis: Realizing Game Ideas in Code

Learning Outcomes:

  • Game Design and Practical Creativity. Ability to define, express and iteratively refine digital game ideas in working code.
  • Game Engine Scripting. Ability to implement game mechanics and aesthetics using common programming patterns and syntax, including variables, conditional statements, functions, objects and arrays in an interactive, event-driven engine architecture.
  • Introduction to Core Web Technologies. Ability to set up and compose projects in JavaScript, the industry-standard programming language that powers all Internet browsers and >95% of the pages on the World Wide Web.



CableTech powered by Dow

Cable Tech Powered by Dow, is designed to provide a convenient opportunity for utility cable engineers to expand their knowledge in key areas and gain Professional Development Hours.

By participating in the program students will:

  • Build your technical knowledge about cables
  • Become a cable expert and represent your company well in technical discussions regarding cables
  • Gain Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and attain certification in cables

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the history of cable development and the standards that govern today’s cables
  • Understand basic cable components and their functions
  • Gain detailed knowledge about cable design and construction for all voltage levels
  • Learn how to evaluate the benefits of various alternative designs
  • Understand cable accessories and how they are designed


Southern New Hampshire University 

Online MBA in Engineering Management

Southern New Hampshire University has partnered with WPI to offer SNHU's online Master of Business Administration in Engineering Management program. This innovative online MBA program was developed by SNHU to meet the marketplace demand for managers who can effectively lead engineering departments, professionals, and enterprises in a technical environment.  Developed and taught by WPI faculty, the online engineering management courses focus on integrating systems thinking concepts and systems engineering practices. You'll learn how to make informed and successful business decisions that foster improved efficiency, performance, and effectiveness in highly technical, engineering environments.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Integrate systems thinking concepts and systems engineering practices in developing engineering solutions that are appropriate to various engineering disciplines and effective for decision making
  • Apply effective engineering management strategies that foster high-performance standards and cross-functional teamwork to ensure that customer satisfaction and product performance are balanced with organizational cost and time constraints
  • Analyze primary and secondary data using quantitative and qualitative techniques and information technology skills for effective problem solving and decision making
  • Lead and operate within cross-functional teams in complex and diverse business environments
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills to effectively articulate thoughts and intentions in diverse business environments
  • Integrate cross-cultural, economic, geopolitical and systems thinking to solve complex business problems in a global environment
  • Incorporate legal and ethical conduct, along with corporate social responsibility, to make sustainable business decisions
  • Create intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial opportunities in a global environment that adds value to an organization through the integration, synthesis and application of business practices