Graduate Studies Webinar Series

Ready to start? We know you have questions! 

Our enrollment team members and other guests host quick and convenient sessions that are designed to highlight popular topics when starting grad school. Take a deep dive into specific areas of interest. During live sessions, you'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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Grad School Glossary

Thurs., Nov. 16, 12 PM (ET)

Much of the terminology used to describe grad school programs may be unfamiliar to you. Join us to gain clarity about grad school lingo (e.g., matriculated vs non-matriculated), and we'll also throw in some of the popular acronyms we use at WPI. 
Access Recordings of Past Live Webinars
Tech it Out! Computer Science, Data Science, and Cybersecurity
Recorded February 23, 2023

View our 45-minute webinar as we review WPI's diverse graduate school offerings in Computer Science (Master of Science or Master of Computer Science), Data Science, and Cybersecurity. This webinar will help you determine your preferred area of study, which delivery method fits your lifestyle, and whether you're ready to commit to a master's program or earn a graduate certificate first.
Calling All Engineers Recorded February 16, 2023

Review WPI's diverse graduate school offerings across WPI's Global School and more than a dozen engineering departments and programs. This webinar can help you determine your preferred area of study, which delivery method fits your lifestyle, and whether you're ready to commit to a master's program or earn a graduate certificate first.
Career Services Spotlight Recorded Oct. 18, 2022

Join members of our graduate enrollment team and WPI's Career Development Center to gain a fuller understanding of how career services can benefit graduate students as much as—or more than—they benefit undergrads!
How Online Learning Works Recorded Feb. 25, 2021

See what it's like to be an online student, and learn the difference between remote learning and the online learning modality. Special guest Jody Reis, Associate Director, Program Delivery, also talks about the Online Pedagogy Workshop (OPW), a workshop most WPI faculty go through to learn the best tips and tricks to teach online.

Not Ready for a Master's Degree?

Recorded March 25, 2021
Did you know that 40% of WPI's new online graduate students start as non-matriculated students (i.e they haven't formally applied to WPI)? In this session we discuss your option to take graduate courses without committing or applying to a master's degree program. If you want to learn a specialized skillset, or you just want to dip your toes in the water before committing to a program, we discuss the many benefits of being a casual course-taker or pursuing a graduate certificate instead—both of which could lead to the completion of a graduate program.
WPI's Online Graduate Programs Recorded April 28, 2021

Learn about earning your graduate certificate or master's degree through WPI's online graduate programs so you can advance your knowledge without hitting "pause" on your career. We'll discuss what it's like to be an online student, how to pay for part-time graduate school, tips and tricks to set your application apart, and WPI's collaborative approach to asynchronous learning.
The Value of Student Support Recorded Nov. 15, 2022

Student support services can make or break your experience as a graduate student. Join us to discover the type of support you can expect as a graduate student at WPI. We'll discuss available resources, career development opportunities, and our dedicated student success managers.