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Fireside Chat: Internet of Things
Available On Demand

What is the Internet of Things? 
And how does that relate to Systems Engineering?

The Internet of Things is a hot-button topic related to the connection of devices to the Internet and to each other, and how this creates a hyper-connected world where devices talk to each with timely information on what, where and when a relevant event is happening. As technology advances, the types of devices and systems connecting to the Internet grows, creating a complex world of connections and information.  In this discussion, Don will address some of the challenges and complexities of how the Internet of Things will impact the future of technology and systems engineering. 

In this one hour, free event, you can listen in and ask questions on the topic with the Director of WPI's Systems Engineering programs and faculty member, Don Gelosh. Don has more than 40 years of systems engineering experience from various assignments with the US Air Force, government, industry and academia. He comes to WPI from the Department of Defense (DoD) where he was Deputy Director for Workforce Development for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering at the Pentagon.

Topics discussed: 

  • What does the Internet of Things mean? 
  • What are the challenges faced with the Internet of Things?
  • What are the complexities around the Internet of Things?
  • What connection does the Internet of Things have with Systems Engineering?

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