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The Challenging World of Cybersecurity

The growing risk of cyber attacks is affecting both individuals and businesses. It's time to be proactive and learn how to better protect your assets. These three webinars all provide insights for cybersecurity risk reduction.

  • The first webinar is a big-picture review of the measures business leaders can take to reduce both behavioral and technical cybersecurity risks.
  • The second webinar provides insights on ways to reduce the risk of operational cyber-attacks on industrial control systems at utilities.
  • The third webinar is more tactical with insights on "cyber hygiene"ways to reduce risk both at work and at home.

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Reducing Your Cybersecurity Risk: A (Slightly) Behavioral and Technical Overview for Business Leaders

Presenter: Mike Ahern

Leaders in many organizations want to improve cybersecurity but are not sure where to start or how to do it without breaking the bank.

WPI's Director in Corporate and Professional Education (and former Fortune 500 executive), Mike Ahern, will address these ideas. He'll show you how to build a cybersecurity risk-reduction business plan with first things firstsuch as cyber hygiene behavior training for anyone with access to your networks. He'll address a range of common cybersecurity concerns and explore what various organizations are doing to address them.

Reducing the Risk of a Cyber Attack on Utilities

Presenter: Jim Girouard

Utilities are a prime target for cyber attack.  In 2014, 32% of all cyber-attacks reported to Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) occurred on an energy utility, leading all other market sectors tracked by ICS-CERT. Rarely a day goes by without a major cybersecurity story appearing in the headlines. About once every four days, the target is a utility experiencing either a cyber or physical attack. Not only are the effects of an attack costly, but regulators continue to punish the utility industry with penalties. Since 2009, NERC has levied $160M in fines for Critical Infrastructure Protection infractions.

This webinar will discuss the essential elements of a workforce education and training program that leverages best practices as outlined by the NIST framework. Successfully employing these practices can mitigate the risk of an attack while demonstrating cyber competence and responsible management to the regulating authorities. While cyber risk mitigation investments rarely appear as a net plus on the company income statement, they are a key component of the fiduciary responsibility of corporate officers. Investing in cyber defense at the foundational level is a modern-day business requirement. 

Cyber Hygiene: Stay Clean at Work and at Home!

Presenter: Mike Ahern

Hackers use technology every day to attempt to steal money, information, and intellectual property from you, your employer, and your customers. So what can you do to protect yourself? Mike Ahern will discuss the practices you should implement to become the best possible "human firewall" at home and at work.