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Ray Sheen is an engineer and manager with over 30 years of experience in project management. In this eBook, he highlights the story of Centralia, Pennsylvania. A town that has been ravaged by an underground mine fire burning since May of 1962. Currently, the fire is still actively burning with the expectations to burn for 250 more years. 

Could this have been avoided with better project management at the onset? Ray Sheen thinks so. In this book, he highlights the many failures that took place during the initial years that could have stopped the fire before it got out of control. And in these failures are lessons all Project Managers can utilize. 

Download this eBook to learn key project management lessons from the Centralia case study:

  • Failures on all five phases of best practices in project management
  • Analysis of what steps could have been taken to resolve the issue
  • How you can implement these lessons to avoid failures in your own projects

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