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WPI is always developing new specializations and programs to stay current with industry trends and needs. Below you will find details about up and coming programs or specializations that will be available as part of WPI's online graduate programs. 

Please note: these programs are under development. Courses and names of courses are subject to change pending final approval. Check back for more additions to this page. 

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MS in Robotics Engineering with Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Specialization

After completing this program, the student is prepared to:

  • Describe a complete systems architecture of an AV that can operate in real world environments
  • Build a data description of the environment from sensor data fusion
  • Construct a deep learning based, short time, self-driving system which provides real-time control from perceptual data and physical constraints.
  • Build a heterogeneous sensor fusion solution for largescale navigation.
  • Evaluate challenging problems in conventional control and their impact when applied to autonomous vehicles


  • RBE 500. Foundations of Robotics
  • RBE 501. Robot Dynamics*
  • RBE 502. Robot Control*
    *Requires RBE 500.
  • RBE 595 ST.  Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles
  • RBE 595 ST.  Sensors and Data Fusion
  • RBE 595 ST.  Distributed Systems Architecture for AV
  • RBE 595 ST.  Robust Controls for AV
  • RBE 595 ST.  Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

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