WPI’s State-of-the-Art  Seminar in Systems Engineering:

Development of Trustworthy and Secure Systems

Wednesday, October 17
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
WPI Campus, Gateway I

Space is limited. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. 

A trustworthy system is one for which there is assurance that it will perform as expected by the users, given attributes of interest such as dependability, security, reliability, availability, safety, security, resilience, and integrity. The speakers in this seminar have been invited to speak on the development of such systems, with a focus on the use of assurance cases as a means of increasing the confidence that the system will behave as intended.

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Speakers include:

  • Prof. Tim Kelly, University of York (UK) – “Evolving Assurance Case Practice Using the Structured Assurance Case Metamodel”
  • Robert A. Martin, The MITRE Corporation – “Creating Trustworthy Systems by Engineering with Assurance Cases for Safe, Secure, and Reliable Operations”
  • Michael A. McEvilley, The MITRE Corporation – “Towards Synergy in the Engineering of Safe and Secure Cyber-Physical Systems”
  • Dr. Ahsan Qamar, Ford Motor Company – “Tying Model-Based Architecting and Analysis for Building Assurance Cases for Complex Engineered Systems”
  • Ed Roberts, Elparazim – “Assurance Cases in Enterprise Architecture: A Different Demographic”
  • O.  Sami Saydjari, Cyber Defense Agency – “Engineering Trustworthy Systems: A Principled Approach from Practice”
  • Prof. Kevin Walsh, The College of the Holy Cross – “The Role of Trusted Hardware for Assurance Evidence”
  • Dr. Charles B. Weinstock, Software Engineering Institute – “Eliminative Argumentation and the Method of Doubts”
  • Dr. Carol C. Woody, Software Engineering Institute – “Automated Decision Support with an Assurance Case”

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